remember when the words were new

I've been awful about getting back into blogging. The photo blog - where I don't really have to say anything - is much easier. I used to be so vocal. MIT changed all that, and even though it's been five years I don't seem to have gotten my groove back.

So my days are pretty ordered; I check the email, read the news - these days watching the Left's subtle branding of the Tea Party as domestic terrorists with interest and slight alarm - network online, read books, and nap. I'm working as a contractor and have pretty much resolved myself to it, though how we'll live on that income in the long run is a mystery to me. Too many jobs have been practically handed to me and then unceremoniously yanked with impersonal form letters from people I never even interviewed with. I give up. We have laws in place so you can't be discriminated against in hiring, but they're completely useless so long as human resources knows how to type "we have decided to seek a candidate whose background a professional interests more closely match the position," which is a cop-out piece of crap.

I do enjoy the flexible schedule, though. Sometimes I need to handle a customer support issue at 1am and, well, I can do that and the customer is always appreciative for the quick response. Or, if I'm feeling creative at 9pm, I can work on a new template or do some editing, and it doesn't matter what time it is. If I'm exhausted at 3pm and want to lie down for an hours, I can. It's pretty liberating, actually.

The nail salon I blast for poor writing in the previous post? Well, I'm sure they're website is still a mess and a grammatical nightmare, but I do love the salon. I've become a regular there and have hands I am no longer ashamed of - anyone can paint a nail, I suppose, but their compliments on my hands built my self confidence, and I broke the habit of 25 or more years (I didn't bite my nails, but I did pick at them!) It's made a very noticeable difference in how I view myself, actually. That might seem silly.

So visit the photo blog; it's easier on the eyes anyway, much less typing to deal with :-)