bleeding money

Hm. Since January 1:

PT costs for my frozen shoulder for this year: $250 in co-pays and $300 lost wages.
Prescription drugs: $176.80
Pneumonia-related office co-pays: $50
Other office co-pays, thus far: $150
Co-pays for the next two week's worth of appointments: $150

Total: more than I can really afford.

But what if I didn't have health insurance? What if we had socialized medicine? I'd probably still have pneumonia, and I'd have to wait until next summer to see the specialists I need instead of next week. And I probably wouldn't have been able to choose which specialists I see. I'm probably costing more than I'm paying to the insurance company; but dang, that's not gonna help me come up with the money for summer camp.

I hope the tax refund is good! And I sure miss MIT Medical.

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