what do you hear in these sounds?

So I finally caved, or went insane enough, that I decided to start seeing a counselor. Going to therapy.

And I did, today.

I think there a lot of issues. After laying out all I could think of, one issue stood out - although it's tied in to other things from the past and the present - and really, what it boiled down to was one thing.


Nightmote said...

You're not nuts, Tanager. Your therapist will tell you this.

Tanager said...

I didn't think anyone read this! I'm feeling perilously close to being nuts, though. And it's such a cliche, but I'm scared of going down the paths I might find myself wandering, though both my therapist and I feel it's going to be safest - and best - to let certain sleeping dogs lie. They might wake up anyway.